What is the First Thing Your Buyer Sees?

Sure the image of the home pops up, but it’s the listing details that can really sell the home.  There are key words and phrases that can get your home sold in a weekend or keep it standing there like the last kid picked in the group for a pick-up game of dodge ball.

It might not be an easy task; MLS doesn’t give agents a lot of room for elaborate descriptions, so there are important things to remember.  First, remember your audience; buyers and other real estate agents.  Second, don’t be repetitive, and never, ever be boring.

Save the description box for compelling, intriguing information that will reel agents and buyers into the home for a closer look.

Find the best things in the home and highlight those features.  Always include upgrades that will attract buyers.  Things like new roofs and windows are especially appealing to potential buyers.  It’s also important to keep location in mind when highlighting features; for example, in colder climates heated floors are important, while outdoor kitchens might be more prevalent and sought-after in warmer climates.

Words Sell …

There are also little phrases and words that make a big impact.

Below, take a look at the top listing keywords and their effects—what percent it can sell above the expected price and how much faster:

Barn Door: 13.4%; 57 days

Shaker Cabinet: 9.6%; 45 days

Farmhouse Sink: 7.9%; 58 days

Subway Tile: 6.9%; 63 days

Quartz: 6%; 50 days

Craftsman: 5.4%; 14 days

Exposed Brick: 4.9%; 36 days

Pendant Light: 4.6%; 48 days

Frameless Shower: 4.6%; 38 days

Heated Floors: 4.3%; 28 days

Stainless Steel: 4.2%; 42 days

Granite: 4.1%; 38 days

Backsplash: 4.1%; 46 days

Tankless Water Heater: 4%; 43 days

Outdoor Kitchen: 3.7%; 19 days


As you can see there is power in adding keywords to the listing description.

There are phrases that also make a difference.  Depending on the neighborhood, phrases such as “gourmet kitchen,” “ceramic tile,” “golf course,” and even “custom built” are actually deterrents in a low to moderate income neighborhood because they give the impression of an expensive home, where buyers are typically searching for more affordability.

Luxury Market

On the flip side, words like “privacy” and “private” are good words to lure wealthy home buyers.

In the luxury home market the most popular words used to describe listings are having “a guest house,” “a wall of windows,” “a wood burning fireplace”, “ocean views,” a “guest house,” and a “media room.”  The wealthiest buyers seem to be hooked by “a pool house,” “a wine room,” and “a home theater” in a home facing the ocean, if possible. Yes, please!

Brand Names

The other item of note for all homes is that brand names do matter.  If the home has any of these items, then absolutely include the brand name.

Number one on the list is Sub Zero— their refrigerators appear to be the hottest (and some of the priciest) appliances these days.  The list of top preferred brands continues with Viking and Miele Appliances, Bosch (dishwashers) and Whirlpool (tubs).

The takeaway, never underestimate the power of words and phrases in your description, if writing is not your strong suit, then perhaps spending a few extra bucks on someone who can write your listings for you, will pay out in the end.