Photographs can be one of the most important marketing efforts, consider using a professional for the best advantages showing your home.

With the holidays just around the corner, many families are planning their holiday postcard.  Picking outfits for the children, choosing the right location for the photo shoot and finding the right photographer.  The big day comes, and the parents rally the kids, making sure their hair is combed, their shirts are tucked and everyone looks their best.  They arrive to their designated location and their photographer is waiting with his camera phone!  He assures them not to worry, that his camera phone is the top of the line and it takes the best photos and he can edit them if necessary.  The family goes along and needless to say, their holiday card is a bust.

Imagine this scenario when you decide to sell your home.  You place a lot of time and effort into finding a realtor, getting an appraisal, doing all of your due diligence and now it’s time to get your house listed.  Your realtor suggests you hire a professional photographer, but you want to save a few dollars and just snap a few photos yourself.  Sure, you can save a few bucks, but in the long run, you can lose thousands.


What you have to remember is that many buyers are using the internet to shop around before they set up an appointment to see a home.  The photos you have posted of your home are the first impression a potential buyer sees.  With so many options and limited time, buyers will quickly move on if a photo doesn’t reflect well on a property.

A photo is more than just an image of a room or a kitchen or living room.  A photo, at least a good one, is taken to enable a potential buyer be able to envision themselves cooking for the family in that kitchen, sitting in that living room enjoying the space.  A professional photographer can create emotion without anyone ever stepping into the space.

Professional photographers know how to bring out the best features of a home through lighting, angles, staging, using daylight, framing and de-cluttering.  Real estate photography sets the standard for what makes a house a home, and a property a place for creating special memories.

The bottom line is that taking your own photos will save you the cost of the photo shoot but, if you invest in a professional real estate photographer chances are that your home will sell faster and you will get closer to your asking cost.