Finding out what’s trending in luxury home’s is like attending a fashion show, eventually the luxury items that are introduced to only the elite become the new standard.

The must-have home features are constantly evolving, just half a century ago the must have items were avocado colored appliances and orange shag carpeting.  But what’s hot with home owners and buyers now?

There have always been hot trends of decor and style, but when it comes to the physical features of your home, there are some tangible items that remain consistently sought after, some ebb and flow in terms of popularity and other staples remain constant.

The trend in medium priced homes right now are features like fireplaces, wood flooring, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, open floor plans, walk-in closets and garden tubs.  But what trend is the luxury home market setting?

What we see on the horizon could be different regionally, but the concepts could be up and coming.  Landscaped courtyards and water features with views of ponds, lakes or lush greenery and living pods.

In line with trends of open floor plans, superb use of glass takes the concept to the next level with walls of sliding glass panels that allow abundant natural light to filter into homes making the spacious interiors look even bigger and the addition of motorized screens and drapes that ensure privacy – but do not detract from the overall concept of a bright and airy space.

Also seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces into one another is a top priority.  White walls and one-story living easily allow for this feel.

Another unique element we are seeing is a twist to the pod-living trend in the small house industry.  While no direct pod-shaped spaces inside the residences, rooms are being designed according to homeowners’ needs and preferences.  So there are various configurations of entertaining/living areas and bedrooms that are linked to the main living space by enclosed breezeways.

Architects are also thinking long-term with designs creating a “forever” home for the family.  The single-story design and easy access to every part of the house make it suitable for all ages. It is ideal for the elderly who are not inclined to navigate stairs at this stage of their lives.

In addition, guest-suite pods tailored specifically for family members and friends who plan extended visits. A separate pod can be designated for a nanny, in-laws, elderly relatives, or adult children who have returned to the family home.

The benefits of the Pod-style living spaces give residents their independence – and at the same time, allow them to socialize with family members when they choose to gather.

The Pod House design also allows these rooms – spa, game room, and apartment – to be closed off when not in use. This system makes the luxury home water-smart and energy-efficient.

Speaking of energy efficiency, luxury doesn’t have to mean costly.  Many new luxury homes are being designed with net-zero energy and sustainability in mind.  Building homes with flat roofs that enable the installation of a large number solar panels to generate optimum power. The overhangs, motorized screens, and drapes all help to manage heat from the glass walls. With its energy-saving devices, the home uses no more energy than it creates.

It may take the average consumer a bit to adjust to some of the ideas presented in living in such manner or even the luxury buyer time to adjust to living in such a way, but this very easily could be the way of our future home building and buying.