Seniors are a key market for major cities.  The demographic holds power over politics, economics, and city planning.  Many big cities anticipate seniors, the generation known as the Baby Boomer generation who are now over the age of 55 and up will be downsizing their homes, moving to more urban locales where walking, transit, and culture replace big lawns, automobiles and long work commutes. Everywhere, economic development agencies recognize seniors as a group with disposable income and an interest in high-quality health care (which itself creates better paying jobs), and are hoping to lure seniors away from other states as a way to improve their community’s economic well-being.

Arizona is no different.  Arizona draws retirees because of its modest cost of living, relatively low taxes, and warm weather and pleasant surroundings.  Phoenix is one of the most popular metropolitan areas for retirees.

Here are some fast facts on the Grand Canyon State.

Average home price: $221,000. Price per square foot: $148

Cost of Living Index: 97

Income tax rate: Top bracket is 4.54%, which ranks 13th lowest of states that collect income tax. Social Security is untaxed.

Average property tax: $1,772, or 0.802% of home value.

Combined data from the U.S. Census and Neustar, CoStar found that the 55-plus population grew by 309,606 in the Valley from 2010 to present, ranking Phoenix 9th for 55+ population growth.