Springtime is generally considered the “busy season” for real estate, but there are benefits to buying in summer. Think of it like this, because spring heralds the busier real estate season, there will likely be more inventory on the market during those months. However, since summer comes right after spring, it’s likely that there will still be many homes to choose from, even after the early spring rush has calmed down. You may even be able to snag a better deal during the summer, as sellers who put their homes on the market in March may be willing to sell for less by June or July.

Here are additional distinct advantages to selling your home in the summer.

1. Less Buyer Competition
I say this with precaution, because in today’s market, the inventories are still low, so while wanting to breathe a sigh of relief and offer advice that you can take more time to contemplate your purchase or avoid multiple bidding wars, summertime may decrease your chances of this happening, however, you still may have to do a bit of fighting for your dream home.

2. School’s Out for Summer
For families with children, house hunting during the summer break from school means that kids can more readily attend showings, which frees up parent’s time to make appointments.
And if the sellers have kids, they might also be trying to cement a sale in time for the new school year—and will likely be more motivated toward the end of the season.

3. It’s Easier to Move with Kids
If you have children who attend school, summer may be the perfect time to buy a home and plan a move, especially if you’re moving a significant distance. Changing school districts can be a headache for both parents and children, so choosing to make the move while the kids are on a break may prevent additional stress for the family.

4. You’ll get to Play Detective
It’s easier to do a little detective work on your potential home when the weather’s nice and the days are longer. Trees and flowers are in full bloom, so you’ll get a better idea of your prospective new yard. Plus, everyone’s more active, so you’ll get a better feel for the community.

You should also use this opportunity to test how the property holds up in hot weather. See how well the air conditioning works when it’s pushing 120 degrees outside.

There’s no reason to sweat selling your home in the summer.