When you start to prepare your home for sale there is a list of things you must do a mile long.  Your mind is preoccupied with thoughts of finding the right real estate agent, how to price your home correctly, what items to repair, what items to leave for the new owners to fix and on and on.

One topic that isn’t normally running through a sellers mind is what safety tips should be followed when selling a home.

Unfortunately, thieves take advantage of home owners who are in the midst of selling their homes and it’s important to protect yourself and your property. It only takes one dishonest person to make your worst fears become reality.

Here are a few things that you can do to keep you and your property safe during this potentially chaotic time.

  1. One of the best things that you can do to protect your safety and belongings is to sell your home through a certified realtor. Having a realtor present during showings and open houses is an added measure of security that many home sellers prefer.
  2. For additional peace of mind, you may also want to go over your agent’s screening process. Does your agent do phone screenings prior to showing the home? What is their process for identifying and qualifying buyers for showings?  How do they take care of their own personal safety during showings and open houses?
  3. Does your agent have an open house checklist? Do they collect contact information of everyone entering the home?  Do they work with a partner to ensure their personal safety?
  4. Before anyone comes into your home, prepare your home for strangers. A somewhat obvious, but very important, safety tip to follow when selling a home is to lock away any valuable items during showings.
  5. Another safety measure to consider while selling a home is to remove all prescription drugs and medication.
  6. Avoid identity theft by putting away any personal bills, calendars, invitations, and other mail pieces. If this information ends up in the wrong persons hands, it can easily lead to identity theft.
  7. Remove family photos. We recommend removing your family photos during the staging process so potential buyers can see themselves living in the home. It’s also a good way to protect your privacy.
  8. Check your windows and doors for secure closings before and after showings. If someone is looking to get back into your home following a showing or an open house, they will look for weak locks or they might unlock a window or door.

What we like to say is, always expect the best, but be prepared for the worst by implementing the security measures described here.