The weather is heating up and there’s nothing better than diving into a sparkling pool.  No one wants to jump in a green pool or a pool that has an overwhelming chemical smell.

Aquaman Pools has a few tips on how to get your summer oasis ready for this year’s pool season.

  • Remove debris from the pool.
  • Increase your pool’s water level so it is correct.
  • Check the filter, you don’t know what’s been living in there over winter, and make sure it’s clean.
  • Make sure your pool’s equipment is actually on. Air may have built up in the pool’s equipment if it was off, and your pump may need a kick-start to get going.

This will get you off to a nice start, but making sure the chemicals in your pool are at a safe level is also critical.  Calling in the professionals is a smart choice because pool chemistry is super important because, no matter where you live, residential pool water comes loaded with minerals and chemicals that can negatively affect the life of your pool equipment and even your health.

Using a professional pool service company like Aquaman Pools will not only keep your pool at peak performance, but they will help educate you on proper supplies and equipment, keep you stress-free knowing that your investment is taken care of by helping avoid costly repairs and save you time, so you’ll have more time to enjoy your pool.

Call the “true water scientists” at Aquaman to help put the fun back in your pool before the heat rolls in.