In a society that is always looking to the future, I know people who are already thinking of their New Year’s Resolutions.  If you want to apply your resolution to buying your dream house, then put the story of “the one that got away” in your past and write a new story for 2018.

The first thing you should do is to stop comparing each home to the one you thought slipped through your fingers and focus on all of the homes that are available and find your new match.

Your new home search will undoubtedly bring you everything you wish for.  Start by following these simple steps:

  1. View When You Can Buy:

Don’t start your home search until your finances are in place.  If you don’t know how much house you can afford you might be wasting your time.  Of course, you can be building your dream, but you can’t put in an offer until you are pre-approved.

  1. Playing the Market:

Buy before the market turns. Those who wait to see whether the market will come back or that a neighborhood will catch on can find themselves squeezed out of properties they could have afforded. Real estate professionals have been tracking prices, so talk to them about where the opportunity lies for you now.

  1. Buy The Abutting Property:

Keep in touch with the neighbors whose properties surround yours, so you act quickly when someone decides to sell. Anticipation is a key talent in real estate ownership. It’s not only what’s happening now that should occupy owner’s thoughts, but what could happen next to upset their current use and peace of mind.

  1. Investigate That Amazing Property:

Do you have a special lot or recreational property that you have always admired? If you have your eye on a property that’s not listed, tell your real estate professional and they’ll approach the owner and get the ball rolling for you. Sometimes, this proactive approach nets buyers a dream home without having to search the market.  Or, if the property you love is suddenly listed, act just as quickly to get your real estate professional working for you. You may have even put this expert on notice in case that property comes on the market.