The drone, once associated with military spy craft, now has become vastly popular as a youth toy and more useful as a tool in the real estate industry.  In particular, drones that are made or modified with high-resolution cameras get utilized in many ways in the industry.

Many real estate agents are using drones to amp up their marketing efforts, focusing on details that an ordinary still shot photo could not capture, like exterior architectural details that can attract buyers looking for specific home styles. The drones can also show the size of the property and provide views of the surrounding neighborhood.

Drones can provide interested buyers virtual tours of a property so they can see the interior of the home and the surrounding area, like what stores are near the house, check out how close the property is to traffic and recreational hotspots without ever leaving their house.

In addition to marketing efforts, drones are also assisting in other areas of home buy and sell process.  Drone operators are also able to take photos to collect information for home appraisals and inspections.

The insurance industry also sees vast potential for drone use in the aftermath of major storms and other natural disasters. Drones return critical information quickly to contractors in emergencies, says Tom Karol, general counsel at the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies. “Think about a gaping hole in your roof,” Karol says. “If we can get a contractor out there to put a tarp up, we can stop the rain from getting in the next day, and [prevent] the wood rot and the mold that comes with it,” Karol says. “We would like to have our policyholders taken care of and keep a $500 claim from becoming a $25,000 claim.”