Keyless home entry systems have become one of the first lines of defense for savvy homeowners. Not only are keyless entry doors easier to use, but they are safer.

How might you ask?  It’s not hard to envision any number of these scenarios; you, standing at your front door fumbling for your house keys at night, your kids get locked out after school and must wait for an adult to return, or your old neighbors still having one of your house keys in case of an emergency.

These are all home security risks, and they are all caused by key entry doors. Keyless door locks aren’t just convenient, they are safer. When you get rid of that standard key lock, you are making your home harder to get into, and that is going to make your home and family safer.

If you’re thinking of adding a keyless lock to your home, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons to help you make the right choice for your family.

The pros might seem a bit obvious, no more fumbling for keys, no more risk of being locked out and no more leaving keys under the mat, but did you know that you can also track who is coming and going?  With a keyless entry system you can assign different codes to different family members and if connected to an automated security system you can receive alerts on your smartphone or through email whenever a door is opened or closed.

The cons may or may not be as obvious.  Along with all the ease and convenience of keyless entry, come a few downsides. Most prominent is the need to change up your codes frequently. Another risk is keeping track of all the codes you give to family, friends, and service professionals. You need to deactivate codes given to people for a temporary reason.

A keyless lock system is a bit pricier than a traditional deadbolt.  Upgrading to a keyless lock or entry system can set you back a few hundred dollars. It’s important to weigh the benefits against the financial burden when deciding if a keyless entry is right for you.

Trading out your traditional locks for a keyless entry system can be one of the smartest moves you make to keep safe. Be sure you understand both the advantages and disadvantages before making the switch for your home.