We have all heard that staging your home properly prior to the listing is a good idea.  Most people think grandiose ideas and think buying brand new furniture and completing a mini-remodel of the kitchen or bathroom are what’s called for.  In truth, yes, those changes could potentially help increase your sale price, but there are other dirt-cheap ways to stage your home that obviously won’t break the bank.

Before we get started consider this.  The average home staging costs around $675. If you can get a 1% increase in the purchase price, that means a $200,000 house will sell for $2,000 extra dollars.

Let’s start with things you can do that don’t cost a dime.

Half Empty Closets – Buyers are usually looking for tons of storage space. If you leave closets half full, you’ll give the impression of there being more storage space throughout the property.

30% Rule – Try to pack up each room by 30%. This will create a bigger feeling to every room in the house.

Space – Remove items from the kitchen counters such as coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, etc. These items take up space and crowd the view. Condense your dining room table as small as possible. This will make the room look bigger and more spacious.

Flow – Consider rearranging the furniture to promote a better flow throughout the house.

Ambiance – Set the dinner table and other tables/bars in the house. This helps buyers easily imagine living at the property.  Make sure features like the eat-in kitchen have chairs in place to show off all the potential of the new home.

Staging Even the Penny Pincher Can Afford

Cleanliness – Hire a professional cleaning staff to go through the entire property before the first showing.  Be sure they place an emphasis on the kitchen and bathrooms.  Nothing waves a red flag to a buyer than a grimy bathroom.

DIY Projects – Stain dated kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. Dated kitchen cabinets can be a big turnoff to potential buyers. Instead of paying big bucks to replace them, just stain them.

Stainless-steel appliances are definitely in with buyers. Instead of buying new consider stainless-steel stick-on coverings.

Breathe new life into a worn patio. Do you have a red-brick patio surface that needs to be freshened up? Here is an easy way to give it new life with paint. First, roll a light coat of paint onto the bricks. Next, lightly spray them with water and then dab them before they dry to give them an outdoor look. When you are done, you will have a patio that looks fresh.

Paint – If you have any color specific walls, consider re-painting to neutral colors.  If you’re not interested in painting the entire house, consider repainting walls close to the entryway with a bright welcoming color.

Lighting – If you have the ability to let natural light in, by all means, let the sun shine.  If not, be sure to have lamps and lights turned on and with bright bulbs.

Remember, when it comes to selling your home for more, it’s all about staging properly. Research has shown the average sale price of a property can be increased by 1-5% simply because home staging tips were implemented before the house hit the market.

Follow our suggestions and you’ll have a sold sign up before you know it.