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Home safety and security is top of mind for most American’s.  One thing most everyone can agree on in this divided world is keeping your home and family safe above all else.  There are many companies to choose from and a vast selection of options, which can make it difficult to know just who to choose.

We spoke with Ralph Goodman with Cox Homelife to get an insider’s perspective.  He says along with cable television, telephone, and internet services they now offer Cox Homelife home security plans.

Part of his job is to come to your home and help you determine your personal needs.  No one house is the same, nor are the wants of each homeowner.  The good thing is Cox Homelife has customizable packages that can work for most everyone.

When determining your home security needs there are three key elements that should be evaluated.

  • Price — How much does it cost to install and operate the system?
  • Dependability — How reliable is the system?
  • Security — How easy is it for somebody to bypass the security system?

Homelife Automation offers a number of features that are, admittedly, available via several other smart home providers as well. But, if you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your smart home with a company you are probably already either using or are very familiar with, Cox is a good option.

The service provides options like an Indoor and Outdoor Homelife HD camera, which boasts secure live camera viewing and free motion-activated recordings; custom alerts and notifications sent directly to your phone so that you know when your child arrives home from school or when a pet sitter leaves the premises; control of lights, smart door locks, and thermostats from the palm of your hand; and professional  installation and educational onboarding supported by a team of local technicians.

Day or night, Cox Homelife gives you the confidence that comes with professional security monitoring.  Contact Ralph Goodman today to set up an in-home visit and determine how Cox Homelife can make a difference in your home today and for a limited time receive free installation.