Looking for a way to beat the heat?  Why not go to the gym!  Albeit, not your traditional way you may have thought to sneak in some “free” air conditioning, the gym is air conditioned.

When the hot summer months roll in, there are ways to work around the heat and still have an intense workout.  Not to mention, summertime means showing a little more skin,

in bathing suits, shorts and tank tops.  Keeping your body in shape will help you stay healthy and can help you feel more confident.

And if your diet is off from enjoying ice cream and fruity drinks by the pool, then working out means you can enjoy these treats without feeling guilty.

Luckily for Arcadia residents, there is no shortage of gym locations in the neighborhood.  Check out any one of these locations to find your perfect fit this summer.

Camelback Village Racquet & Health Club

4444 East Camelback Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone number (602) 840-6412

Great staff, incredible facility and the food and spirits are better than you’d expect.

The fitness classes are top notch with a huge variety and at times that can cater to anyone’s schedule.

The Training Room PHX

3550 E Indian School Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone number (602) 944-4677

This place has everything you need to get a great workout, including a great staff that cares about the clients, and provides a new routine every time.

Mint Body

4247 E Indian School Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone number (480) 267-2430

Mint Body provides a perfect mix of challenging workouts, encouraging and inspirational pep talks and tons of great wellness and nutrition tips with great equipment for use during training sessions.

Thrive Performance

4902 E McDowell Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone number (480) 442-6866

Lee Gough is the owner as well as one of the main trainers at Fitness Revolution Scottsdale. He treats his gym members like family.  The members are helpful, friendly and are there to get in shape.

Thrive Performance is known for their 6-week challenge.  If you want to get it done, this is the place!

Crossfit Full Strength

4633 E Thomas Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone number (602) 275-1679

One of the oldest gyms in Central Phoenix, the staff is highly trained and treats each member and new comer like family.

Team Forty-Four Fitness + Nutrition

3744 E Indian School Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone number (480) 332-3960

One of the best things about Team Forty-Four Fitness + Nutrition is the relationship between trainers and members, the feeling that no trainer will underestimate what you can do is prominent and keeps people coming back.

Members also enjoy many of the group activities outside the gym like hiking, 5K’s, bike rides and more.


4201 E Thomas Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone number (602) 696-4433

Supervised workouts with trainers who are always there to help improve your workouts or motivate you.

Orangetheory Fitness Arcadia

5109 N 44th St

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone number (602) 955-1798

If you join one club, you have access to them all nationwide. The workouts are pre-planned and change each day. The trainers motivate you to work your best but at your own pace, so it’s perfect for anyone!

Sol CrossFit

3647 E Indian School Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85018

Phone number (480) 272-3832

Great place to drop-in, awesome equipment and passionate coaches.