There is a time and place for a good looking white wall, but there are so many more materials that can be used in place of painted drywall to add a unique eye-catching flair to your space.  It is becoming more common to use materials that have more often been associated with commercial or industrial architecture in our homes for an attention-grabbing, but also livable home.

As a homeowner we recognize things like, costs, durability and acoustics that all play a part in our decision when choosing the right materials for our homes.  You and the architect go over the material selection during the design process endlessly.  In the end, aesthetics are extremely important and only you can put a value on how something looks.

Your architecture strongly determines design and character, defining the overall look and feel of the composition and space.  He can help you visualize why some materials, like concrete and wood, glass and paint, brick and steel, just belong together.


Clients who are willing to experiment and want aesthetically different dwellings have multiple options for creative combinations of different materials.  The results; wooden slats, anodized and copper-painted aluminum panels, translucent fiberglass, glass, tiles, mosaics, bamboo, stone and steel.  The list can go on.  However your imagination and creativity will allow you to go.

Good architectural design is about having the knowledge to be able to create using diverse materials and methods, but always finding solutions to make them work.

So, unless intentional, don’t be afraid to stray away from the white walls and create your unique space using alternative materials.