Who says your Christmas tree must be traditional?  Your holiday decorations can be as traditional or as modern as you wish.  If you’re looking for holiday inspirational decorating tips, check out these thoughtful quirky Christmas tree alternatives.

Sticker Tree

The perfect remedy if you have a toddler or a pet that can’t stay away from the ornaments, or if you are looking for a space saving idea.  Plus they are an affordable way to add some holiday cheer and take only seconds to put up and take down.


Stack O’ Book Tree

Stacking up books is way easier than hauling a Christmas tree home, and you won’t have stray pine needles all over your floor. Best of all, when the holidays are over, you can simply return your books to their rightful place on the bookshelf, leaving no waste.


Christmas Ladder tree

Re-purposing at its finest!  If you’re going for rustic, the Chrismas ladder is perfectly charming.  If you want to make it a Christmas Village, just add wooden planks across the steps and now you have instant shelves.


Tomato Cage Christmas trees

Simple and chic, just add string lights.


Egg Carton Christmas tree

Ask all your friends and family to save their egg cartons. Paint them various shades of green and strategically stack them to create a magnificent tree.

Hanging Bauble tree

The hanging bauble tree is minimalist chic at its best.  With some hooks, transparent cord and some baubles, you can create this beautiful hanging Christmas tree.

Your alternative Christmas tree options are as endless as your imagination and creativity can allow for.  There is no right or wrong way to do the holiday, so have some fun!