The Valley boasts many recognizable celebrities as residents, homegrown, or, just like a majority of our population, wound up moving here for one reason or another.

From rock stars to movie stars, the Valley has a solid reputation of being able to let these famous folks call Arizona home.

Alice Cooper

Despite spending much of his youth in his hometown of Detroit, the iconic rocker has been an Arizonan for most of his life, starting off with his days at Cortez High School. It was there that Cooper performed in a series of ever-changing bands with different friends during his formative years in the rock business: first with The Earwigs, then The Spiders, and finally Nazz. In the late ’60s, he decided to just call the act Alice Cooper, moved to LA, and went on to worldwide fame and fortune. He eventually returned to the Valley and has become a local fixture, restaurateur, commercial pitchman, philanthropist, and occasional right-wing pundit.

Maynard James Keenan

If the overwhelmingly popular Tool frontman ever decided to run for mayor of Jerome, he’d probably win in a landslide, given that he’s the most prominent resident in the small northern Arizona town that houses both his Merkin Vineyards and his Caduceus Cellars.

Bret Michaels

According to an interview with the blog Up on the Sun in 2012, the Poison singer “fell in love with the Southwest” as a teenager and eventually would up purchasing a home near Pinnacle Peak and Pima roads in North Scottsdale. It’s a move that probably saved his life, since Michaels credits the docs at St. Joseph Hospital’s Barrow Neurological Institute who “pretty much saved my life” after enduring a brain hemorrhage and heart issues in 2010.

Charles Barkley

At various points over the past couple of decades, this outspoken NBA great made rumblings about running for governor of his home state of Alabama. But until Sir Charles finally pulls the trigger on his political career, the TNT basketball commentator won’t be trading up his $1.7 million Paradise Valley pad for the governor’s mansion anytime soon.

Ice T

Ice T and his boo Coco Austin (real name: Nicole Marrow) share a beautiful three bedroom home in Chandler.   She purchased the property back in 2007 — one of many residences that couple has around the U.S.  While they mainly hang out on the East Coast, they still own their Chandler pad and occasionally reside there.

David Spade

The “Saturday Night Live” comedian and actor moved to Scottsdale when he was four.  Spade attended Saguaro High School and Scottsdale Community College.  He later earned his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University.

And Arcadia, just because they don’t live in the neighborhood anymore that doesn’t mean you still can’t take some credit for their success, both Steven Spielberg and Lynda Carter were graduates of Arcadia High School.