It started the day after Halloween; no I’m not talking about the early holiday music or holiday decorations and holiday music playing at the retail stores, although, that is taking place as well.  I’m talking about all of the hype for Black Friday.  My email box has started getting inundated with “Sneak Peak” advertisements for exclusive deals, and honestly, there is not one person I know who isn’t interested in getting a good deal!

Shoppers of all varieties take note of items to purchase on this new holiday that has now been squeezed in and become just as much part of our annual holiday traditions like grandma’s pumpkin pie.

As homeowner’s there are a few items’ that might be of interest, but there are also item’s that you should steer clear of the hype.  See our list of items you should go to battle with the crowds and shop until you drop for, or items that it doesn’t necessarily pay to miss the extra family time and deal with the crowds.

Shop Until You Drop                                       

TVs, but purchase with caution.

There will be smokin’ deals at a handful of retailers, but be sure to take a moment to consider quality. As Black Friday has gotten bigger with each passing year, it’s become more common to see new items — particularly electronics — made specifically to be sold at a “sale price.”  Be sure to check out the specs and know what you’re getting before making your purchase.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Anything you might keep on your kitchen counter, really, is fair game. While major brands do offer discounts on pricey items like fancy coffee makers, you’ll find better deals on the cheaper stuff, like utensil sets.

Black Friday Deals to Steer Away From


While Black Friday will have its fair share of tool deals, in December we expect to see even more drills, hammers, wrenches, and whatnot.


It’s not an ideal time for indoor furniture, new models typically hit stores in February, so January is an ideal time to buy living room couches and chairs.


Traditionally, the best time to buy fridges, washing machines and other big appliances is early fall, when new models come out, and the ideal time for fridges is May.