When it comes to selling luxury houses, open houses alone are not going to cut it.  Luxury homes attract a different set of buyers, often time’s affluent, out-of-town individuals and families.  These folks require high-end marketing strategies, teams of individuals to respond to online leads with speed and accuracy that are as tailored as possible, otherwise, they are likely to go to the next property.

The key to a successful home sale is all in the details.  Customer service and follow through are what is going to set you apart from the next person.  Luxury homes amenities will likely be very similar from one home to the next once you get to a certain level of home, or can easily be added.

When you have a luxury property one of the first things to do is to know who might be interested in the property.  It’s natural that you can rule out certain homebuyers because the home simply wouldn’t fit into their lifestyle. Maybe the location isn’t close enough to desired schools for their children, or for an individual who works long hours, a space might not be conducive to a focused working environment.

Next, consider staging the home to appeal to the buyer in mind.  Just as mentioned above, highlight those areas that will be an asset rather than a hindrance.  For instance, a home just down the block from an elementary school, for example, could easily appeal to buyers with young children who could walk to and from school. Staging additional bedrooms as kids’ rooms and the finished basement as a playroom will help buyers to see the space’s potential.  Or, quite the opposite, a home centrally located near nightlife hot spots, single buyers or small families may be more likely to show interest in the area. Staging a spare room as a home office or home gym could paint the picture for the most likely buyer.

Another thing most sellers can do to attract a buyer is to consider what features set your home apart from others nearby – be it a functioning fireplace, solar panels or that it’s walking distance to shops and restaurants – and highlight those in the marketing materials.

When you find a good real estate agent that knows these tips, is familiar with how to market your home the right way the chances of attracting the right buyer will come easy.