Unlike other sitting solutions, ZipSit gives Arcadia families the ability to control all three phases of the sitting process: finding, booking and paying. ZipSit makes it easy for Arcadia families to find new, trusted sitters – you control who shows up at your house to watch your kids, and you even get to choose your hourly rate. No unknown sitters. No negotiations. No service fees.

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01. Download & Signup

Within minutes, you will be ready to use ZipSit. Download ZipSit from the AppStore, and sign up for your free account. Create a family profile, include a photo and write a little bio about your family. Add your children’s information including any special needs, or notes. Add your payment info, and you are good to go!

02. Add Favorites

In order to submit a sit request on ZipSit, you need to have some ZipSitters in your favorites. Adding favorites can be as easy as searching through ZipSitter profiles in your area and clicking the “favorite” button. You can also use ZipSit Messaging to reach out to any ZipSitters to get to know them better before you favorite them.

03. Connect with friends

What better way to get trusted sitter referrals than from your friends? That’s why ZipSit made it easy for you to connect with your friends through the app – once you are connected, you can see each of your friends’ trusted sitters. Quickly grow your list of favorites with  ZipSitters verified through your circle of friends.

04. Book a ZipSitter

Ready to schedule a sit? Go to the booking section and choose what favorites you want the request to go to – all, some, or just a favorite; select the date, time, duration and hourly rate. Your address, children and payment info will already be in there. You can add notes specific to the sit, and submit. You will be notified when it gets accepted. It’s that easy!

Zipsit’s 4 layers of trust


SitScore provides you with a real-time, in-depth assessment of a ZipSitter’s experience and on the job performance. This is the most robust ratings system available in the industry.

Community Vetting

The easiest way to find trusted sitters is to get referrals from friends! That is why we made it easy to connect with friends and to quickly get referrals of trusted sitters.


Easily initiate interviews with any ZipSitters on the app. Schedule to meet them in person, or simply set up a voice or video call to get to know them better.

Identity Verification

ZipSit has multiple layers of identity verification built into our platform to ensure the highest level of trust and safety for all users of ZipSit.