Bathrooms and kitchens are on the list for buyers, finding something that fits your taste and is functional is key to most home buyers.  Perhaps because these are the two areas of the home that folks spend the most time.

It’s easy to follow a decorating trend you see on a DIY show, but don’t make a fatal decorating mistake when it comes to a relatively small space like your bathroom in your home.  Keep this simple tip in mind, when it comes to the bathroom, the simpler you make it, the more appealing and elegant it looks.

Here is a list of fads or trends that you should abandon immediately if you have strayed.

1. Toilet covers: they make your bathroom look unappealing and are generally too much gaud for a small space.

2. Pink, blue or other Easter egg color toilets and sinks: the once iconic colors of the 1950’s used to highlight the soft hues of the bathroom are now being replaced with shades of white and cream.

3. Carpet: skip the health hazard and the likely mold and mildew that is likely growing on it from the room’s humidity.

The following are not as bad in our book, but we are starting to see the items trending out.

4. Big bathtubs are being traded in for big showers. Having a bathtub/shower combo in one bathroom of the house is still important, but the elaborate oversized fixture is not needed anymore.

5. Vessel sinks are hard to clean and take care of and look outdated. Under mount sinks are still the staple and have been timeless over the years.

Many bad bathroom design trends have come and gone.  Your bathroom should always reflect who you are, but resale value is important.  If your bathroom has these fading trends, you may want to consider updating before putting your home on the market.