We all have to do it, for some of us, it brings us joy, for others, we dread it and try to avoid it like the plague.  I’m talking about cleaning the house.

I fall into one of those categories that might place me in a bit of a nerd category, because whenever I discover a housecleaning “hack” I instantly get excited at the possibility of an idea that can make my life easier.

I’m excited to share some cleaning hacks that I have tried and can attest to their efficacy.

The motto around our house is to work smarter not harder.

I’ll start with an area that most people would rather hire someone to do rather than take on the task that many think is impossible, the windows.

There could easily be a hundred different tips on how to clean your windows without streaks. This is a method I’ve finally found that really works (and trust me I’ve tried quite a few).

Tip #1: Cornstarch

To get your windows sparkling clean, start by cleaning the windows on a cloudy day, heat from the sun will dry your windows too quickly leaving streaks.  For your cleaning agent, add a tablespoon of cornstarch to a quart of lukewarm water in a spray bottle then wipe with newspaper, cloth or a squeegee.  Voilà, clean as a whistle!

Tip #2: Vinegar

If you haven’t yet realized the magical uses of vinegar in your home, you are missing out.  There are easily over 100 uses for everything from cleaning your blinds, getting rid of water rings on your furniture, removing carpet stains, concealing scratches on wood furniture, removing candle wax, unclogging and deodorizing drains and more.

Tip #3: Stainless Steel Appliances

We love them and we hate them, stainless steel appliances are anything but “stainless,”  as they are often times covered in fingerprints. To get them clean, all you need is a microfiber cloth (or just a soft cloth) and some rubbing alcohol. If you really want to get your stainless steel super clean — maybe once a month — you can use a few drops of olive oil or baby oil.

Tip #4: Dryer Sheets

Not quite as good as vinegar, but still useful just the same, dryer sheets have found uses other than freshening your laundry.  Even after use in the laundry, a dryer sheet can be used to buff water spots from mirrors in the bathroom, remove the rings from inside the toilet, wipe baseboards clean, lift pet hair from clothes and furniture, and clean your electronic screens.

I know this might not pertain to cleaning your home, but try placing a dryer sheet in your pockets to fend off mosquitos, it works wonders!

Tip #5: Lint Rollers    

Not just for lint or pet hair anymore.  One of the things you may have noticed is the idea that using regular household items can have multiple purposes.  The same holds true for the typical lint roller.  Using strong adhesive tape or a lint roller can pick up dust, dirt, and crumbs pretty much anywhere around the house — lamp shades, drawers, fabrics — anything.