Arcadia is a gorgeous and prestigious desert oasis neighborhood in the heart of Phoenix.

Its unique architecture, lush landscaping and rich selection of shopping and dining make it one of the most desirable and priciest addresses in Phoenix. Take a drive through the winding streets of Arcadia and you will soon succumb to its tranquility as Arcadia has some of the most lush landscaping, in all of Phoenix.

Perfect For

Those who value a quick commute to other parts of the valley and anyone with an active lifestyle.

You’ll Love

The unique architectural design and landscaping.

The Lifestyle

Those who want the benefits of living downtown, but also value a quick and easy commute to other parts of the valley.



While the Arcadia neighborhood is not a historic district, and it is not even entirely in Phoenix (the eastern edge is actually in the City of Scottsdale), Arcadia still has a big place in Phoenix history and so we are claiming it!

The large properties (some near 5 acres, but rarely less than half an acre) and the original luxury guest resorts along Camelback Road like the Royal Palms, will give today’s house hunter an idea of Arcadia property values at a glance. This is one of the most desirable and priciest addresses in Phoenix.

Arcadia is not an official geographical area but a general neighborhood for Phoenix real estate, so its boundaries vary according to who you’re talking to (and where they happen to live). The following covers most definitions, with the more conservative viewpoint in parentheses:

East/west boundaries: 32nd Street (some say 44th Street) to the Phoenix/Scottsdale border (or 64th Street).

North/south boundaries: The southern foothills of Camelback Mountain, north of Camelback Road (or Camelback Road itself) to Thomas (or Indian School).


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Why do you love Arcadia?

It’s gorgeous, and the perfect place to raise a family. There are large grassy yards, many homes with pools, sports courts are becoming standard, quiet streets, and the Arcadia Schools are among the best in the state. I live here, work here, and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon!

What’s one thing someone looking to live in Arcardia should know?

Arcadia is very fashionable and much more quiet compared to its Scottsdale neighbor. Money magazine even rated Arcadia as a top place to live in Arizona.

What else sets Arcadia apart from the rest of Phoenix?

Arcadia has some of the most lush landscaping in all of Phoenix with green lawns, towering trees, swaying palms, and huge oleander plants that are not only colorful, but act as privacy walls. It’s a true desert oasis!